Clearshield, Clearly the best
protection you’ll never see

Clearshield is the latest, most advanced development in protection for automotive paint finishes. This nearly undetectable protective film is your best defense against the everyday road hazards that can damage or destroy your vehicle’s painted surfaces.

The Advantage Is Clear

With Clearshield paint protection film, the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle have an extra measure of protection from:

    • Insect stains and abrasions
    • Scratches and nicks
    • Small road debris damage
    • Winter road salt and sand

Clearshield offers the next generation of protection for your vehicle’s paint finish, whether you want to preserve your vehicle’s appearance or minimize leased vehicle turn-back charges.

The Benefits Are Clear

This film is unlike any of the previous popular methods used to protect paint finishes, such as bug shields and car bras. Only Clearshield:

    • Is practically invisible
    • Like the name says, Clearshield is a clear, protective film, so it won’t change the appearance of your vehicle.

    • Is durable, dependable and guaranteed
    • Clearshield is a thick, durable urethane film designed to withstand solar energy, high temperatures and resist impact. It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

    • Customized to fit your vehicle
    • Clearshield is computer cut according to vehicle make, model and year – so it isn’t necessary to cut or trim on the vehicle itself.

    • Is installed by qualified professionals
    • Clearshield dealers are professionals experienced in the proper preparation, installation, and care of the product.

    • Fits like a glove
    • Clearshield is a protective film that won’t compromise vehicle surfaces; it is applied without drilled holes or fasteners.

    • Won’t harm paint finish
    • Clearshield is unlike vehicle bras, which are cumbersome, dramatically alter vehicle appearance and cause paint chaffing.

    • Doesn’t require special maintenance
    • Simply clean, wash and wax your vehicle the way you always have. Clearshield will take care of the rest.

The Choice Is Clear

We’re so confident in Clearshield’s performance, we guarantee it. The 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for Clearshield is our promise to you that this film:

    • Won’t crack, peel or bubble
    • Won’t discolor or turn yellow
    • Will stay put
    • Will remain optically clear

If it’s important to you to maintain the paint finish of your vehicle, Clearshield paint protection film is the clear choice.

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