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How to Enhance Vehicle Value after an Accident

Damage done in a car crash will likely cause a vehicle to depreciate in value. However, there are things you can do to minimize this depreciation! Keep reading for our tips.

Repair the Damage

Professional repairs, even for minor dents and dings, will boost your car’s value after an accident. Always ask questions of your technician before you start the repair.

? Does your shop use OEM, aftermarket, or recycled parts?
? Do you offer warranties or guarantees on your repairs?

Use OEM Parts

OEM parts are exactly the same as the original parts your car was built with. They’re made by the same manufacturer and should look at function like new.

If you don’t check that your auto repair shop uses OEM parts, it’s possible that they’ll use aftermarket parts. Non-OEM parts may be made by a different manufacturer or altered in another way. They can be less expensive, may include upgrades, more or fewer features, or they might look the same as the OEM parts.

Discuss your options with your repair technician before the repair begins so you know how the parts you choose to use will affect your vehicle’s resale value.

Make a Diminished Value Claim

Depending on the type of insurance policy you have and the local laws where your accident occurred, this may or may not be possible. However, if one of the following applies to you, talk to the insurance company.

1. The accident was not your fault and the other party’s insurance company is responsible for paying your costs,
2. The accident was not your fault and the other party is not insured, but you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage,
3. You have full auto coverage.

The insurance company may reimburse you for the difference in value of your car after the accident.

Determining the New Value of your Car

There are a few ways to go about this.

1. Check the Kelley Blue Book value of your car before the accident. Then, ask a dealership for the trade in value of your car post-repair. The difference is an approximate loss in value.
2. Ask a pro! There are companies that offer diminished value insurance valuations.

Lynn MA

Lynn_MA_City_HallLynn is located at 42°28-26N 70°57-20W. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 13.5 square miles (35 km2), of which 10.8 square miles (28 km2) is land and 2.7 square miles (7.0 km2) (19.87%) is water. Lynn is located beside Massachusetts Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Lynn’s shoreline is divided in half by the town of Nahant, which divides Lynn Harbor to the south from Nahant Bay to the north. The city lies north of the Saugus River, and is also home to several brooks, as well as several ponds, the largest being Breed’s Pond and Walden Pond (which has no relation to a similarly named pond in Concord). More than one-quarter of the town’s land is covered by the Lynn Woods Reservation, which takes up much of the land in the northwestern part of the city. The city is also home to two beaches, Lynn Beach and King’s Beach, both of which lie along Nahant Bay, as well as a boat ramp in Lynn Harbor.

Lynn is located in the southern part of Essex County, and is five miles (8 km) southwest of Salem, ten miles (16 km) northeast of Boston, and twenty-two miles west-southwest of Cape Ann. The city is bordered by Nahant to the south, Swampscott to the east, Salem to the northeast, Peabody to the north, Lynnfield to the northwest, Saugus to the west and Revere (in Suffolk County) to the southeast. Lynn’s water rights extend into Nahant Bay and share Lynn Harbor with Nahant. There is no land connection to Revere; the only connection is the General Edwards Bridge across the Saugus River. Besides its downtown district, Lynn is also divided into East Lynn and West Lynn, which are further divided into even smaller areas.

Lynn is loosely segmented into the following neighborhoods:


Downtown / Business District
Central Square
West Lynn:

Pine Hill
McDonough Sq./ Barry Park
Tower Hill / Austin Sq. – Saugus River
The Commons
The Brickyard
Walnut St./Lynnhurst
Veteran’s Village
East Lynn:

Diamond District / Lynn Shore
Wyoma Sq.
The Highlands
The Fay Estates
Ward 1 / Lynnfield St.
Goldfish Pond
The Meadow / Keaney Park





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